Long Distance

Loretto Telecom is a local long distance company offering long distance services for over five years with calling plans that feature rates as low as $0.04 per minute.

Why not use Loretto Telecom Long Distance on your home phone and save your more expensive Wireless minutes when you are mobile? We know that you could benefit from the many conveniences that we provide such as:

•Monthly Financial Savings •One Bill for Local and Long Distance Services •Live Experienced Staff with Whom to Discuss Your Account •A Company Committed to Lawrence County and Its Neighbors

Long Distance Plans

Our calling plans may be used when dialing long distance calls from your home or business to anywhere in the Continental United States. This includes calls to cellular phones.

We're also sure that one of our Calling Plans below will meet your individual long distance calling needs.

Residential Calling Plans

All plans are for VOICE calls only. All DATA calls are billed at 15 cents per minute regardless of plan type.

A one-time PIC changeover charge of $7.75 will be on your following month's statement.