SkyBLAST The Best in WiFi

Get the most from your broadband network with cutting-edge technology that will BLAST your home or business’ wireless connection into hyperdrive. The SkyBLAST WiFi booster from Loretto Telecom will revolutionize your wireless experience.

Lightning-fast SkyBLAST is the most advanced WiFi booster available. Stop lag times and signal delays with eight streams of simultaneous data.

Plug and play — Easy installation to instantly boost your wireless signal to every room in your home.

You’re in charge — Control your WiFi experience with the SkyBLAST app that allows you to manage guest networks, parental controls, device access and system performance from the palm of your hand.

Secure — Automatic software updates to ensure you get the ultimate WiFi experience securely and safely.

Loretto Telecom’s SkyBLAST uses WiFi 6 technology that dominates previous WiFi systems. Benefits of SkyBLAST with WiFi 6 include:

  • 3x the speed — Many WiFi users complain that their wireless routers slow down their online experience, but SkyBLAST users will experience speeds up to three times faster than previous wireless systems.
  • 7x improved battery life — SkyBLAST is notified when devices are on standby, matching connection needs, so WiFi won’t drain batteries.
  • 4x higher capacity — With eight streams of simultaneous data, SkyBLAST subscribers will enjoy an unparalleled online experience — with improved coverage, increased throughput and more simultaneous data streams compared to previous WiFi systems.
  • 5% lower latency — Subscribers will experience faster upload and download speeds through the SkyBLAST WiFi 6 booster.
  • Enhanced security — SkyBLAST boasts unclonable function technology with automatic software updates and the EXOS classification engine, which combine to provide users with a secure online experience they can trust.
  • Unlimited flexibility — Subscribers will have access to a growing selection of applications, starting with enhanced parental controls and home network security protections.
  • Applications — The SkyBLAST mobile app empowers users and gives them complete control to manage the name and password associated with their home WiFi network, see all devices connected to the system, set up a guest network for visitors, implement profiles to toggle devices off/on, implement parental controls, run speed tests and much more.


The SkyBLAST booster with WiFi 6 technology is perfect for all your business needs.

  • 4x better performance than its predecessors in congested areas.
  • The mobile app allows you to easily control your security settings, set up a guest portal and regulate who can access your WiFi.
  • With more users accessing your WiFi, SkyBLAST will give you faster speeds and more data streams.
  • Program SkyBLAST to give specific devices bandwidth priority over others.

SkyBLAST will jump-start your WiFi speed and provide wall-to-wall coverage in every room in your house. Get the most from your broadband connection with boosted WiFi signal and cutting-edge technology that puts you in control of your network.