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The best in WiFi.

SkyBLAST will jump-start your WiFi speed and provide wall-to-wall coverage in every room in your house. Get the most from your broadband connection with boosted WiFi signal and cutting-edge technology that puts you in control of your network.

  • 3x the speed
  • 7x improved battery life
  • 4x higher capacity
  • 5% lower latency
  • Enhanced security
  • Unlimited flexibility

WiFi is not the Internet

A common misconception is that the internet and WiFi are the same. They are not.

The internet is like your electric power service. It is the invisible service that connects people, devices, and services worldwide to one another.

WiFi is like a power strip. The internet service connects to a device (like a power strip.) Your computer, tablet, and TV connects to this power strip, which connects them to the internet.

Helping to power your business

More than ever before, being connected is mission-critical for operating your business and utilizing online services amid pandemic restrictions. Loretto can help you face these challenges and keep you connected to your customers and vendors.