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Discover the GIG life; the ultimate lifestyle choice for modern families.

Residential Fiber Plans

Starting at 500 Mbps*

*Faster speeds available – up to 1 Gig (1,000 Mbps)

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Top Five Benefits of Fiber-Optic Internet

SkyBLAST Wi-Fi Booster

Revolutionize your wireless experience.

SkyBLAST will jump-start your Wi-Fi speed and provide wall-to-wall coverage in every room in your house. Get the most from your broadband connection with boosted Wi-Fi signal and cutting-edge technology that puts you in control of your network.

  • 3x the speed
  • 7x improved battery life
  • 4x higher capacity
  • 5% lower latency
  • Enhanced security
  • Unlimited flexibility
A SkyBest router in a home.