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Fiber to the Home — Unleash Speed and Connectivity!

Dedicated Fiber-Optic Internet to the Home

Your connection is not shared, resulting in maximum reliability and ZERO peak hour slowdowns.

Symmetrical Internet Speeds

Your upload is as FAST as your download.

Work from Home

Get your job done quicker with optimal internet connectivity without the commute.

Stream in HD

No more spoilers. Download and watch full seasons of your favorite shows.

Fiber To The Home – General Questions and Answers

FTTH or Fiber to the Home is a next generation cabling technology that replaces old copper cables and is connected directly to you home.

Once construction is complete, you will be contacted prior to Loretto placing a fiber-optic drop (line) from a fiber cable on your street to the outside of your home of business. This will involve plowing from the pedestal to the outside of your location to install the optical network terminal (ONT).

We will contact you directly to make an appointment for the installation of the ONT. The ONT is needed to convert the fiber-optic signal into voice, data and video signals for your home or business.

To finalize the fiber-optic connection to your home or business, we’ll need to install an ONT near the electric meter on the outside of your home of business. As part of this installation, a power supply with battery back-up unit will need to be installed inside your location. This unit will provide power to the ONT and battery back-up in the event of a power outage.

From the Clamshell, a new wire will be brought into the house which will terminate at a brand new Optical Network Terminal (ONT) – GigaCenter.

An ONT or GigaCenter is the delivery point for all things communications; Internet, Video & Voice. These devices are the epicenter of the subscriber experience and include the highest powered wireless (Wi-Fi) experience for customers.

FTTH is the future of home and business entertainment and communications. Older communication networks do not have the ability to provide the necessary bandwidth for new and future Internet technologies.

Additionally, consumers are requiring more and more bandwidth in order to use their wireless devices, smartphones, smart TV’s, Home Security Systems, Wi-Fi enabled appliances and Smart Homes.

Fiber can provide Internet speeds well above 1 Gbps (1 Gigabit per second) to operate all of this without a hitch.

Think of bandwidth or internet speed as traffic on a highway.

In your home, each device can be considered a car on the road. Each device or car causes increased congestion. The more bandwidth, or the more lanes, the more freely traffic can flow.

The goal for a great customer experience is to have more available bandwidth than required by the customer. For instance, one Megabit per second only allows a VERY small amount of traffic to flow, whereas 1 Gigabit allows 1000 times more traffic to flow than a Megabit.

No. Cell phone carriers aggregate usage by giving you an allotment per month.

For instance, if you’re on a 1 Gigabit plan, the cell phone company takes all your usage or traffic for the month (data back and forth), adds that up and determines your monthly usage.

Internet speed is how much data can be passed back and forth at one point in time.

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