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Proud to be a Smart Rural Community Provider.

Smart Rural Community

Welcome to Loretto, where the charm of rural living meets the power of connectivity. As your trusted internet provider, Loretto Telecom is redefining the way you experience the digital world as Smart Rural Community provider.

What is a Smart Rural Community?

A Smart Rural Community (SRC) is a program dedicated to improving connectivity and technology access in rural areas. It involves partnerships with internet service providers committed to delivering high-speed broadband, fostering community collaboration, and promoting innovation.

What does it mean to live in a Smart Rural Community?

Living in a Smart Rural Community means more than just embracing technology — it’s a commitment to progress, connectivity, and a more vibrant future. From cutting-edge infrastructure to sustainable solutions, we’re redefining rural living.

Connected by fiber broadband we can achieve more, together.

Smart Rural Communities are made possible by fiber-based broadband providers, like Loretto Telecom, and the teachers, farmers, doctors, businesses, and others who are committed to driving growth and creating opportunities that help our community thrive.

As leaders in broadband technology, Smart Rural Community providers deliver cutting-edge communications services in rural spaces throughout the country. Their services open new opportunities for students and business owners, enabling remote regions to remain competitive in expanding national and global markets.

To qualify as Smart Rural Community, fiber-based broadband providers must:

  • Offer 100 Mbps broadband to 50% or more of service territory
  • Have broadband subscription rates of at least 50%
  • Commit to SRC’s mission of collaborative innovation

Loretto Telecom is on the journey to a smarter, more connected tomorrow, where innovation flourishes and community thrives. And as a Gig Certified Provider, Loretto Telecom customers enjoy the fastest Internet available anywhere!

This is the essence of being a Smart Rural Community — where the rural spirit meets smart possibilities for a brighter, more connected future. Interested in learning more? Visit

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