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Deposit Policy

Customers may be asked to pay a deposit to establish telephone service. The amount of your deposit is determined when you apply for service. Additional deposits may be required if your service is disconnected for nonpayment or a returned check. After a bill is paid 12 consecutive months without a late notice or returned check, the deposit is refunded with interest on the next telephone bill.

Return Check Policy

When a check is returned and it is for a current amount, a letter is mailed to notify the customer of a returned check. A $20.00 returned check charge, and the check amount must be paid in cash by the letter’s due date.

If the returned check is for the past due amount (on or after the 10th), service is disconnected. The check amount, a returned check fee of $20.00 and a deposit, if required, will be due in cash in order to restore service. The usual reconnection fee will apply.

If the customer calls to say the check may not be good before the check has been returned from the bank, they can come in and pay the amount of the check and returned check fee of $20.00 in cash before the check comes back to avoid disconnection of service. If the check does not return from the bank and they have already made payment, the amount paid will be credited against the next month’s bill. A refund will not be made.

Illegal/Fraudulent Activity Disclaimer

Use of Loretto Telecom service(s) for illegal and/or fraudulent activity is prohibited and will be subject to immediate termination of service. Illegal and fraudulent activity includes but is not limited to the utilization of the voice line for the purpose of originating spam and/or illegal robo-dialing and Caller ID spoofing.