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WiFi is not the Internet

Wifi is Not the Internet

There is a common misconception that the internet and WiFi are the same thing. Most use the term WiFi as a shortcut to mean your home broadband connection.  But WiFI and the internet are two separate entities, and knowing the difference can help you troubleshoot issues at home, as well as purchase the correct equipment.


The internet is a global network of computers. It comes to your home or business via a transmission line provided by an internet service provider such as Loretto Telecom.  The transmission line generally feeds a stream of data into a modem.  That data stream is how you access sites and services such as Netflix, Facebook, Twitter and other web-based software services.


WiFi, short for Wireless Fidelity, operates independent of the internet and allows devices on the network to work together to share and back up data.  It is also a means to bridge the gap between your internet signal and  your wireless devices.

How do they work together?

Essentially, your internet signal is sent through a wire into your modem.  The modem then translates the signal and makes it accessible to your computer.  The modem sends the translated signal to your router, which converts the internet signal into radio waves that can be accessed and interpreted wirelessly.

Because WiFi and internet are different, it is possible to have an excellent wireless signal but still experience buffering or slow upload and download speeds.  If your internet bandwidth isn’t fast enough for your family’s needs, it doesn’t matter how strong the wireless signal is.  Your devices are only as fast as the internet connection.

WiFi signal strength diminishes the further the device is from the router or with dense or metal objects in the direct path of the signal.  Your internet bandwidth is allocated to each device by the router, as more devices are connected the remaining bandwidth may not be enough for additional devices to connect.

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